ShadeSeal® sampling solution for powder makeup including eye shadow and loose powder


Our market-leading ShadeSeal® technology is one of the most innovative ways to sample powders, from one shade to multi-shade color stories.
  • How It Works

  • Blush ShadeSeal® on a folding card

  • 3 stand-alone foundation ShadeSeal® on a card

  • 3 triple-eyeshadow set ShadeSeal®, on a folding card

  • 7-eyeshadow ShadeSeal® plus BeautiSeal® with primer

  • 4 eyeshadow ShadeSeal® with knockout logo on 4 panel card

  • Pressed powder foundation ShadeSeal® tri-fold card, with sponge applicator

  • Stand-alone blush ShadeSeal® in a magazine

  • 4 hair shadows ShadeSeal® with 2 sponges on a 4-panel card

  • 3 stand-alone eyeshadow ShadeSeal® on a die-cut card

  • Stand-alone blush ShadeSeal®

  • 3 blushes ShadeSeal® on a folding card

  • 4 blushes ShadeSeal® on a folding card

  • Stand-alone 4 eyeshadow ShadeSeal® with knockout numerals


With a transparent cover, our ShadeSeal® technology is an economical way to sample a wide range of powder formulas, including loose powder, pressed powder, powder foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, and eyebrow powder. When sampling multiple shades, ShadeSeal® offers a convenient way to showcase palettes and color stories. Design is able to reflect the retail product—graphics can be knocked out to incorporate logos and shapes can be customized to mimic the original compact.

Why We Love It

  • Powder color to show through and stay true
  • Allows for sampling of a wide range of powder formulas
  • Creative options allow for increased branding
  • When multiple shades are sampled, allows for comprehensive experience of multi-shade palettes and color stories

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