ScentStrip® sampling solution for fragrance, personal care,


The most cost-efficient sample to distribute a quality rendition of fine fragrance. Arcade Beauty pioneered this technology in 1979 and continues to produce this popular sample which captures the true essence of fragrance.
  • Single ScentStrip® magazine insert

  • Single ScentStrip® blow-in

  • 4 panel dual ScentStrip®

  • Single ScentStrip® magazine insert

  • Single ScentStrip® on direct mailer

  • Single ScentStrip® magazine insert

  • Dual zip strip ScentStrip®

  • Multiple single ScentStrip® in a self service box


An industry first. Our ScentStrip® technology encapsulates the actual fragrance oil between two layers of paper. When snapped open, the technology releases the fragrance into the air. Highly customizable, ScentStrip® comes in a wide range of standard sizes and custom die-cuts. Multiple fragrances can also be sampled, with up to six fragrances on a single page. ScentStrip® is designed for U.S. Postal Service approval for subscription magazine rates.

Why We Love It

  • Samples a variety of fragrance products, including fine fragrance and personal care
  • Best for maximum reach
  • Supports a wide variety of distribution; ideal for magazines and catalogs

Appropriate For

Sample Type

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