ScentSeal® sampling solution for fragrance,


A versatile and customizable sample, ScentSeal® offers a more sensorial fragrance experience, with a gel formula applied directly onto skin.
  • How It Works

  • Single ScentSeal® in magazine

  • 4-panel card with ScentSeal®

  • Single ScentSeal® on die cut card

  • Single ScentSeal® in magazine

  • 6 panel card with critically attached ScentSeal®

  • Dual ScentSeal® on a card

  • 3 ScentSeal® on a 6-panel card

  • ScentSeal® direct mailer

  • Stand-alone ScentSeal®

  • Dual ScentSeal® sampler

  • Multi ScentSeal® fragrance sampler

  • Single ScentSeal® on card


Our ScentSeal® technology contains a high-quality fragrance rendition incorporated into a gel. Consumers peel back the top cover and can apply the gel directly onto skin. ScentSeal® can be designed in many shapes, with single or dual chamber options. ScentSeal® can be affixed to nearly any surface or paper stock and is designed for U.S. Postal Service requirements.

Why We Love It

  • Controlled-release sample
  • Allows for direct application onto skin, allowing fragrance to unfold
  • Supports wide variety of distribution
  • Can be affixed to nearly any surface or paper stock

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