Rollerball solution for fragrance and skincare,


Convenient, portable way to experience products on-the-go
  • Various rollerballs in assorted shapes and sizes

  • Colored glass rectangular rollerballs

  • Stylized and frosted rollerballs

  • Rollerball with a customized cap

  • Rollerball with test tube shape, white glass effect and a metal ball

  • Rollerball with molded glass

  • 3 dual ended rollerballs in a retail box

  • Mini rollerball with a gold metal cap

  • Rollerball with metal ball

  • Mini rollerball with custom folding carton

  • Dual ended rollerball combining two beauty products

  • Rollerball with metal cap


Rollerballs come in a wide range of sizes, with round or square shapes and plastic or metal caps. With a fill range between 2ml to 10ml, they are ideal for presentation in a set to showcase a fragrance portfolio or multi-fragrance story. Rollerballs also align with retailer focus on rewards programs and also dedicated sections for rollerballs in store. Produced as a dual-ended version, rollerballs can present a great cross-category opportunity when paired with an applicator for lipgloss, concealer, or liquid eye shadow.

Why We Love It

  • Portable
  • Multiple rollerballs can be assembled and packaged as retail set
  • Highly customizable shapes, sizes, materials, etc.

Appropriate For

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