LiquaTouch® sampling solution for fragrance, skincare,


Our patented technology samples the true fragrance which can be applied directly onto skin with an applicator. Dual and triple versions are available for sampling multiple fragrances.
  • How It Works

  • LiquaTouch® magazine insert

  • Single LiquaTouch® on custom die cut card

  • LiquaTouch® on a card

  • 2 LiquaTouch® on 8 pages accordion fold card

  • Single LiquaTouch® on multipanel direct mail piece

  • LiquaTouch® catalog insert

  • LiquaTouch® on a card

  • LiquaTouch® on a card

  • 2 LiquaTouch® on a 4 panel pop-up card


Our proprietary LiquaTouch® technology infuses the actual fragrance into an enclosed applicator pad, which is then sealed between two layers of material. When pulled apart, the applicator is then used for a luxe application onto skin. Hermetically sealed to ensure no pre-release of the fragrance, LiquaTouch® can be designed with single, dual, or triple chambers in a variety of sizes. This is a dripless, spill-proof sample that can be a cost-effective alternative to fragrance vials. LiquaTouch® is designed for U.S. Postal Service approval for subscription magazine rates.

Why We Love It

  • Samples the actual fragrance
  • Patented technology designed for U.S. Postal Service approval
  • Applicator allows for direct application onto skin, allowing fragrance to unfold
  • Dual and triple versions available to sample multiple fragrances
  • Supports wide variety of distribution

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