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Fusion Pack

Having two separate chambers allows the Fusion Pack to keep ingredients from mixing until immediately prior to application. This innovation offers a fresh mixture every time.
  • Dual Chamber Solution: cleansing formula in a Blister and non-woven pad in a Packette

  • Dual chamber packette with blister

Fusion Pack

If two formulas must be kept separate and be mixed only immediately before use, our Fusion Pack offers formula separation and controlled mixing. One formula is in a thermoform/blister chamber, the other in a packette. When pressure is applied to the chamber, the formula evacuates and mixes into the packette. The formula is only activated when needed, and potency of the actives is maintained resulting in a fresh mixture every time. An applicator pad can also be included for a more luxe application.

Why We Love It

  • Two separate chambers allowing for a fresh mixture
  • Appropriate for a wide range of formulas such as liquids, creams
  • An applicator pad can also be included for a deluxe presentation
  • Multiple Fusion Packs can be assembled into a set as a retail item

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