Blotter by Carestia solution for fragrance,

Carestia Blotter

Our heritage in craftsmanship produces premium blotters, complete with luxury design, artisanal craftsmanship, and superior fragrance diffusion.
  • 6 panel die cut blotter card with micro structured gold hot stamping

  • Die cut blotter card

  • Black blotter card with black soft touch paper in laser cut envelope

  • Silver hot stamping on specially stained wood

  • Gold hot hangtag stamped and embossed blotter card

  • Multi level embossing with gold hot stamping

  • Die cut printed blotter card

  • Traditional blotter card and blotter card with digital milling

  • Multi level embossed blotter with silver hot stamping

Carestia Blotter

Since 1883, our subsidiary Carestia produces blotter cards in Grasse, the historic birthplace of the fragrance industry. Blotters are produced on a special odor-neutral card so as not to alter the nature of the fragrance, allowing it to be the focal point of the experience. Blotters are offered with or without printing. Regarding design, blotters are highly customizable and can also be embossed, hot stamped, or cut to customizable shapes for a unique in-store gesture.

Why We Love It

  • Steeped in tradition and luxury
  • Highly customizable for unique, intricate detailing
  • Use of specialty papers and ink results in a long-lasting rendition
  • Enhances in-store fragrance trial
  • Higher quantity of fragrance retained on the Carestia fragrance strip (25-30%) vs. the competitive fragrance strip (20%)

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