BeautiSeal® sampling solution for makeup, skincare, personal care,


Our patented technology is able to sample a wide variety of formulas and can showcase up to 12 different formulas/shades in one sample.
  • How It Works

  • LipSeal® technology on card, in envelope

  • 1 triple foundation BeautiSeal® on folding card

  • 1 liquid foundation and 1 concealer BeautiSeal® on card

  • LipSeal® on catalog insert

  • 5 BeautiSeal® make-up primers on a card

  • 2 triple foundation BeautiSeal® bricks on a handout card

  • 3 highlighter BeautiSeal® showcasing multiple shades on handout card

  • Kiss-A-Peel® and LipSeal® on card

  • 7-eyeshadow ShadeSeal® plus BeautiSeal® with primer

  • Haircare serum BeautiSeal® magazine insert

  • Fragrance body lotion BeautiSeal® magazine insert

  • Skincare BeautiSeal® magazine insert

  • LipSeal® technology on folding card

  • Fragrance body lotion BeautiSeal® technology on folding card

  • Body lotion BeautiSeal® magazine insert

  • Skincare serum BeautiSeal® on a direct mail

  • Body lotion BeautiSeal® magazine insert


Whether sampling one formula or multiple, our BeautiSeal® technology allows for consumer trial of a variety of products. Formulas are enclosed in a heat-sealed, pressure-sensitive well that stays attached to accompanying marketing materials. BeautiSeal® is especially useful for showcasing a range of shaded products and can accommodate up to 12 different formulas on one sample.

Why We Love It

  • Ideal for trial for texture or shade evaluation vs. benefits of a full application
  • Approved for magazine inserts and direct mail

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