Thermoform / Blister sample solution for makeup, skincare, haircare, personal care,

Thermoform / Blister

A more rigid, structured sample for use in all beauty categories, thermoform/blister is highly customizable with a range of custom shapes, features, and applicators. Samples can be assembled in multiples for deluxe presentation and can also be sold at retail.
  • 3 eyeshadow blisters

  • Replica foundation thermoform with additional blister on card

  • 3 lipstick blisters with doe foot applicator

  • 4 lipstick blisters on a card

  • 2 cream-gel brow color palette blisters with applicator

  • 6-panel liptstick wallet of 24 blisters

  • Blister for skincare

  • Replica thermoform on a card

  • Blister with 2 capsules for serum

  • Blister for serum and skincare packette

  • Body oil blisters in retail box set

  • Eye mask hydrogel blister

  • Lip balm blister on handout card

  • Blister for oil

  • Blister for shower gel in a packette

  • Lip balm blister on handout card with applicator

  • Blister for oil, on card

Thermoform / Blister

Highly customizable, our molded plastic thermoform/blister samples can hold up to 15ml of product and come in a wide range of custom shapes, opening features, and applicators. It is appropriate for a wide range of formulas such as foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, and fragrance and can accommodate both hot and cold filling processes. Because of its rigidity, it has a higher perceived value compared to less structured samples.

Why We Love It

  • Offers full application of product
  • Highly customizable in shapes, opening features and applicators
  • High value perception
  • Appropriate for a wide range of formulas such as foundation, lipstick, serums and oils
  • Multiples can be assembled and packaged for retail sale

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