Scented paper solution for fine fragrance,

Carestia Scented Paper

Our heritage in craftsmanship produces exquisite scented paper, complete with luxury design, artisanal details, and superior fragrance diffusion.
  • Scented paper fan with silver hot stamped logo

  • Embossed die cut shapes on scented paper

  • Black embossed scented card, with high gloss glitter ink envelope

  • Hand crafted pop up scented paper rose

  • Uniquely folded envelope with embossed scented card

  • Embossed scented card with special lens lamination envelope in a magazine

  • White scented die cut card with multi-level embossing and gloss lamination envelope

Carestia Scented Paper

Carestia, our subsidiary located in Grasse, France has created premium scented paper since 1883. Our scented paper is crafted using a proprietary process, select papers (FSC® certified paper available) and alcohol-resistant odorless inks. This combination of high quality processes and ingredients allow fragrance to diffuse instantly upon exposure to air, making for a unique fragrance sampling experience. 

Why We Love It

  • With Luxury design and superior diffusion, scented paper is a uniquely premium and memorable gesture
  • The reproduction of the fragrance is guaranteed by the use of specific papers (FSC certified) and alcohol-resistant odorless inks which are environmentally compliant
  • Fragrance diffuses instantly when scented paper is exposed to air
  • Supports wide variety of distribution

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