Mini tube sampling solution for makeup, skincare, haircare, personal care,

Mini Tube

A traditional and versatile way to offer promotional and full size retail products. Efficient, automated production process yet highly customizable in sizing and design.
  • Red continuous thread tube

  • Needle nose tube and mascara tube in a book fold card

  • Tube on card

  • Transparent tubes for foundation

  • Multiple needle nose tubes. Folding carton

  • White continuous thread tube

  • Tube on card with a foundation blister

Mini Tube

With a fill capacity ranging from 3ml to 390ml, tube samples offer a wide range of options for both promotional and full size retail products. Tubes are plastic, with options of various cap formats (screw-on, flip top, metal overshell, two piece, or even specialty caps). Tubes can also be produced and filled with a high-speed, automated process.  For high viscosity formulas, airless tubes are equipped with a valve system to evacuate thicker formulas.

Why We Love It

  • Portable
  • Resealable for multiple uses
  • Allows for sizing that accomodates both promotional trial and full size retail products
  • Highly customizable shapes, sizes, materials, etc.

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