Face masks for skincare, ArcadeBeauty


Targeted solutions for the face, our Biocellulose and Hydrogel technologies combine cutting edge, effective technology with the ultimate pampering experience.
  • Biocellulose mask in a packette. Retail carton

  • Nonwoven mask in a stick packette

  • Eye masks in a tray

  • Nonwoven mask in a packette. Retail carton


Arcade Beauty offers several highly effective ways to sample masks. Our Biocellulose mask is made of 100% natural materials, biodegradable, and FDA approved. It is ultra-thin, elastic, and can be sized appropriately for use on the face, neck, eyes, or nose. The Hydrogel is housed in a blister and adheres perfectly to the skin for a targeted, cooling effect. Smaller in size, Hydrogel is ideal for lips and eye patches.

Why We Love It

  • Intensive product application
  • Ideal for single use samples or in a multi-piece retail set
  • Highly customizable in shape and design

Appropriate For


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